The company

Welcome to Sanitex Paper Products: Proud to have earned ever since our establishment in the year 2000 our position as a leading brand in the Balkans area and do play a major role on the tissue market production in the region.

Sanitex is located in Kostimbrod, Bulgaria; we produce convertible jumbo rolls both from the highest grades of virgin wood pulp and from selected, recycled waste paper. We occupy a site of over 30,000 sqm with a pulp store, tissue machines production house, stock preparation facilities for tissue converting machines, warehouses, maintenance workshops and administration office building.

Sanitex is the most advanced independent tissue producer in the industry in Bulgaria. Sanitex reputation translates into the high quality of selective tissue produced and consistency in improving our finished product line to better serve our loyal customer base.

Sanitex jumbo rolls are sold to local Bulgarian converters and regional converters all across our neighboring countries such as Greece, Turkey, Macedonia and Romania. Sanitex ongoing success is leading us to expend our production output level, year after year, thereby meeting the increased demand for our high quality tissue.

Sanitex current plans to support the growth include the installation of a new tissue production machine along with a de-inking plant. This will consolidate the progress of the last few years and confirm our position as the local industry leader in Bulgaria.


Preserving the nature

Sanitex is a role model for any industry when it comes to preserving the nature and the environment. Sanitex has a solid system in place with a double edge contribution to recycling being the following:

Sanitex first edge: Through dedicated companies we buy and collect waste paper of all sorts from government institutions, shopping malls, offices, printing firms and companies all the way to homes and residences. This waste paper is then processed and put back into the production of tissue under a drying temperature reaching 600 degrees celsius which helps in reducing in our daily life, as individuals and communities, the usage of natural virgin pulp that comes from trees cutting. We do encourage our society in consuming recycled tissue especially in toilet paper and kitchen napkins. Sanitex GO GREEN adopted policy contributes to the world awareness programs launched by the United Nations in their endless efforts to keep our planet green, healthy and livable.

Sanitex second edge: Almost every consumable product waste at Sanitex is collected, sorted out and recycled. This plan covers plastic containers and bins, metal waste, packaging waste, cardboard waste, wooden pallets, carbon and ashes waste all the way to regular garbage waste. All described wastes are sent to partnering companies to be re-used in their production or in special processes thereby resorting less and less to virgin raw material from our nature.

Sanitex is a local corporate citizen that cares for the community and its surroundings. The management has implemented complete quality control procedures, HSE management system policies and rigorous standards defining the principles by which we conduct our operations with regards to Health, Safety and the Environment.

Sanitex encourages all Bulgarian consumers to nationally proclaim and contribute to the mission of buying products MADE IN BULGARIA in addition to helping with the world campaign for our earth preserving entitled GO GREEN.